How a Funeral Home Can Help You Say Goodbye


When a Departed Loved One Didn't Want a Funeral

When the time comes to make funeral arrangements for a loved one who has passed away, it can be surprising to learn that any arrangements should not include an actual funeral. This is not particularly common, but some people simply don't want the end of their life to be marked by a traditional funeral, perhaps wishing to just slip away without ceremony. This is not al

Two reasons why a funeral director might recommend postponing a funeral

If the funeral director who has been helping you with the funeral you have been planning recommends that you postpone this event, you should not ignore their advice, as there is almost certainly a very good reason why they have made this recommendation. Below are some examples of the reasons why a funeral director may advise you to do this. You want to organise a reli

How Much Will A Granite Cemetery Monument Cost You?

Grave markers come in a vast assortment of materials, shapes and colours. While sandstone and slate are some commonly used supplies, most people can agree that marble was the industry leader when it came to memorialising a loved one's gravesite. In recent years, though, granite has become one of the more sought-after cemetery monument materials, and this can be attrib

Four Indispensable Tips for a Simple Memorial Service

If you are in charge of planning for a memorial service to honour a departed loved one, you should think about getting a little help from a professional. There are numerous issues that you must address to ensure that the gathering provides a safe place for mourning while remembering the deceased. However, if you have time and patience, you can plan and execute a beaut

How To Choose A Literary Quotation For A Loved One's Memorial

Choosing what is going to be on a loved one's headstone can be difficult, as you struggle to sum up a life into a few words. However, if your friend or family member was a lover of literature, choosing a literary quote or passage can be a great option for their headstone, as described below. Think About Their Favourites It is natural to want a loved one's memorial to