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3 Things to Take to an Asian Funeral

If you have never been to an Asian funeral before, there are some customs and traditions that you may not be familiar with. To help you prepare, here are three things that you should take with you to an Asian funeral.

1. A white hanky or handkerchief

The Asian funeral is a sombre and dignified affair, and the dress code reflects this. Mourners are expected to wear muted colours and conservative clothing. In addition, it is customary for men to wear a white headband over their right shoulder. This headband symbolizes the burden of grief and loss that the mourner is carrying. While it may seem like a small detail, wearing the headband in the proper place is essential to showing respect for the deceased. By adhering to these simple guidelines, you can ensure that you show the proper level of respect during an Asian funeral.

2. A condolence wreath

A condolence wreath is a sign of respect that can be purchased at the funeral home. The wreath is usually made of fresh flowers and is placed on the casket during the visitation or funeral service. For many people, the wreath is a way to express their condolences and honour the memory of their loved ones. The wreath can also be a symbol of hope and healing. It is not uncommon for the deceased's family to keep the wreath after the funeral service.

3. Money in a white envelope

When someone we know passes away, it is common to want to show our support for the grieving family. One way of doing this is by giving a monetary gift to help with funeral expenses. While the amount of money you give will depend on your relationship with the deceased and your personal financial situation, even a small amount is appreciated. You should place the money in a white envelope; it is customary to sign your name or write a short condolence message on the card. By following these simple guidelines, you can show your support for the family during their time of loss.


Following these guidelines will help ensure that you show proper respect during an Asian funeral. For more information on funeral etiquette, don't hesitate to get in touch with your local funeral home. A member of staff will be happy to offer you further help and advice that will help you to attend your first Asian funeral. For more information on Asian funerals, contact a professional near you.