How a Funeral Home Can Help You Say Goodbye

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Headstone Design After a Parent Passes Away

If you have recently lost a parent, then you might be going through all of the major steps and processes that go along with handling a loved one's final arrangements. You might have already planned the funeral, for example. Now, you might be trying to pick out the perfect headstone for your loved one. Luckily, you can typically design the headstone yourself if you have certain preferences.

Here are a few helpful tips that can help you choose a headstone design after a parent passes away.

Understand Their Final Wishes

Some people give a lot of feedback and information about how they want their final arrangements to be handled. There is a chance that your loved one already mentioned their preference for a headstone type or design when they were handling their funeral planning or when they were drawing up their will and handling other final planning matters. Therefore, you may want to talk to someone from the funeral home or your loved one's attorney to find out if they had any preferences about this. Then, you can make sure that you keep your loved one's preferences in mind when designing a headstone for their final resting place.

Understand Cemetery Rules

Even though the company that you are purchasing the headstone from might give you a lot of freedom when it comes to your headstone design, the cemetery where you will be having your loved one buried might not offer as many options. After all, many cemeteries do have rules about the size and type of headstone that is allowed. If you haven't already chosen a cemetery, then you may want to look for a cemetery that offers you the freedom to choose the headstone design that you want for your parent. If your parent already picked a cemetery or if your family has already made their decision, then you will want to check with the cemetery to find out about their related rules.

Consult With the Family

You might already have ideas in mind of what you want your loved one's headstone to look like, but you might not want to come up with the design all by yourself. Instead, you may want to consult with your siblings and other family members to get their opinions, too. If your family works together, you may find that you can come up with a nicer headstone design for your parent. Plus, then, the entire family can feel as if they were involved in the process, too.