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After the Cremation: Choosing the Most Suitable Urn

After a cremation, you are presented with an urn containing the ashes of your loved one. And sometimes, this is the end of the story. The urn can then be placed on a shelf, so your loved one remains part of your daily life. Cremations are not always the end of your loved one's journey, though, and depending on whether there is to be a next step for their ashes, you need to decide whether the urn is going to be suitable for its intended purpose.


The various types of urns on offer all serve a practical purpose. If the urn is to be placed on display, then it will have been chosen with this in mind. The colour will be of your choosing, and the durability of the urn will be important. It will be closed tightly, so it will not open if it was to inadvertently be knocked over. Surely any urn, regardless of what happens to its contents, will need to be durable? This is not necessarily the case.


Display urns are designed with permanence in mind, as it is to be the final resting place for your loved one's ashes and is intended to last. But what about if you decided to bury the ashes, either in line with your loved one's wishes, or if you feel this is the most appropriate course of action? Consider a biodegradable urn that will begin to break down and become one with the earth when it's buried. Subject to local restrictions, you can bury the urn on your own property, but remember that your loved one's final resting place will then become inaccessible if the property is ever sold. Burial in a park or other public space will not be permitted, but the urn can certainly be buried at a cemetery, in its own plot. 


A temporary holding urn is popular when you wish to scatter your loved one's ashes. This is more lightweight than a display urn, as it might need to be carried over a considerable distance, depending on where your loved one wanted their ashes to be scattered. Handle with care, as the lid is designed for easy removal to permit the dispersal of the contents. Be sure that no permit is required before scattering the ashes in a park or other public space.

The best choice of urn will depend on whether your loved one left any specific instructions as to what should happen to their ashes, but there are different choices available, designed specifically for different purposes.

For more information, contact a cremation service.