How a Funeral Home Can Help You Say Goodbye

A Guide On How To Choose A Funeral Chapel

One of your concerns when planning a burial is the funeral chapel. It is a suitable place to hold the wake and funeral service. Read the excerpt below to learn the various considerations you should make when choosing a chapel for a funeral service or wake.

Religious Affiliation and Management Policy

Choose a chapel that shares the religious beliefs of the deceased. For instance, if the deceased was a catholic, it would be a bit inappropriate to hold the service in a Jewish chapel. 

Visit the chapel and inform the management of your intent to hold a funeral mass or wake inside the facility. Most chapels will tell their congregation about the death of a member. As such, inform them in advance if you would want a private ceremony. Critically evaluate their policy. Some of your concerns should include: 

Funeral Program

You will need to run the funeral program by the chapel management. Busy chapels may limit the funeral service to a specific number of hours. Inquire if you can hold the wake in the evening or at night. The funeral program should be in line with the chapel's traditions. As such, the management may ask you to make some changes to allow religious leaders to make speeches or give a sermon.  

Location and Facilities

The chapel should be conveniently located. If not, send guests a map of how to find the chapel. Examine the available amenities. For instance, the facility should have adequate seating space for all your guests. Besides, it should have sufficient parking and security. Ask some close friends to marshal traffic on the day of the funeral. You may need portaloos if the funeral or wake will have hundreds of guests.

With the above tips, you should have an easy time choosing a funeral chapel. Check the management policy, funeral program, location and available facilities.