How a Funeral Home Can Help You Say Goodbye

Two reasons why a funeral director might recommend postponing a funeral

If the funeral director who has been helping you with the funeral you have been planning recommends that you postpone this event, you should not ignore their advice, as there is almost certainly a very good reason why they have made this recommendation. Below are some examples of the reasons why a funeral director may advise you to do this.

You want to organise a religious funeral and the religious leader you booked has cancelled at the last minute

If a priest, rabbi, or some other religious person who originally agreed to travel to the funeral home and lead the funeral service ends up cancelling at the last minute (due to, for instance, an illness or a personal emergency), your funeral director will probably recommend rescheduling the funeral for a date on which this religious leader is available. If you are not religious and only booked, for example, a rabbi, because the deceased was a devout Jew, then you might be reluctant to accept the funeral director's recommendation, because you cannot understand the importance of having this religious figure at this event.

However, even if you find it difficult to understand this, and dread the idea of having to rearrange all of the various parts of the funeral service and let the guests know about the postponement, it is still vital to follow the funeral director's sound advice in this situation. The reason for this is as follows; if the deceased was deeply religious and it was important to them to have a funeral that followed all of the customs associated with their religion, then proceeding with the funeral service in the absence of the aforementioned priest, rabbi or another religious person, would be disrespectful and perhaps even a betrayal of the deceased's trust.

Furthermore, if the other guests who are going to this funeral are followers of this religion, they, too, might be perturbed and upset by the religious leader's absence. This could result in you falling out with these people, during what is already a very difficult time for all of you.

The funeral home has been vandalised or damaged by a natural disaster

If just a few hours before the deceased's funeral was supposed to be held at the funeral home, the funeral director informs you that this building was vandalised or damaged by a natural disaster, then they may advise you to defer the funeral, even if the damage inflicted on the funeral home was not too severe and they have already started to clean things up. The reason for this is as follows; funeral directors always try to provide people with the best possible setting in which to host their loved ones' funerals.

If they feel that their funeral home's appearance is need of some work or that there is even the remotest possibility that someone could get hurt because of the condition their funeral home is currently in (for example, if a window was shattered and there's a chance some of the sharp broken glass might not have been swept away), they will recommend postponing a funeral, out of respect for the deceased and concern for the welfare of the funeral guests.

For more information, reach out to a funeral director in your area.