How a Funeral Home Can Help You Say Goodbye

Four Indispensable Tips for a Simple Memorial Service

If you are in charge of planning for a memorial service to honour a departed loved one, you should think about getting a little help from a professional. There are numerous issues that you must address to ensure that the gathering provides a safe place for mourning while remembering the deceased. However, if you have time and patience, you can plan and execute a beautiful service. Here are some core guidelines to keep in mind for a simple memorial.

Select a Good Venue

There are numerous traditional venues for holding a memorial service. For instance, you can opt for a gathering in a church, funeral home or house. These locations are perfect because you will receive a lot of assistance from family, friends and even professionals. Moreover, it is often cheaper and easier to hold a service in a traditional place. However, if you are not holding the memorial service alongside a burial process, you can opt for an alternative location like an outdoor event garden or a park. For the best results, consider the life of the departed and the preferences of the attendees.

Acquire a Suitable Marker

A good memorial should have a monument or at least, a marker. Markers and monuments are beneficial because they provide a physical element for remembrance of the loved one. If you are holding a funeral during the memorial service, you can order traditional stones. For instance, there are granite monuments in different styles, including upright tablets, flat markers and slanted monuments. If there is no burial, you can order a plaque for placement in a significant place.

Decide on the Event Details

Memorial services require a lot of attention to detail for ideal success. Therefore, if you would like to ensure that all areas of interest are covered, it is important to have detailed notes and lists. You should begin by preparing a detailed guest list to avoid leaving anyone out. Then, think about the order of service and determine who will be in charge of each phase. It is also important to make decisions on music, themes, flowers and readings as early as possible.

Understand the Costs

Finally, you should calculate the cumulative costs of all the aspects of the memorial services. This is crucial because these gatherings can be expensive and funds are often limited. Keep in mind that it might not be possible to have all the desired elements in accordance with your plan. If you find that you are above budget, you can look into simplifying the memorial service.