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Primary Forms of Tombstones You Should Know

Once you lose your loved one, it's essential to pay your respects and show gratitude. One of the best ways to do this, other than planning a befitting burial ceremony, is to install a tombstone. Tombstones are permanent markers that are used in the memory of the deceased. The name, birth and death dates are usually carved beautifully on the stone before the headstone is placed near the burial site in the cemetery. Some people even engrave some artwork or photographic images onto the headstones to give them a unique appearance.

If you are getting a tombstone for the first time, there are some important decisions you need to make, especially when it comes to choosing the material and type of tombstone. Some of the common materials the market offers include slate, iron, granite, fieldstones, marble, white bronze, wood, limestone, and so on. Once you have selected the material, you can choose the type of tombstone you'll require. This post will share details on the main forms of tombstones to help you make an informed decision.

Upright/Block tombstones

Upright tombstones are the most popular types of headstones in most cemeteries and memorial parks. These stones usually have two main parts, the top tablet and the base. Often, these tombstones are thick, wide and tall, and they can be made of materials like marble or concrete. The sizes vary depending on the customer's requirements and may determine the total cost, too. The good news is that these tombstones come in various designs and shapes, so you can pick the one that suits your needs.

Flush/Ground level tombstones

As the name suggests, ground-level tombstones are flat in shape and are mounted above the surface. In fact, they are the most affordable grave markers the market can offer as they rise a few inches off the ground. Moreover, they only contain the name and date of death of the loved one and can be made of bronze or granite.

Scroll tombstones

This type of headstone has a scroll-like design. The designer can place one or more scrolls on the block, but this is just for beautification. The inscriptions, however, aren't engraved on the scroll but on the gravestone's body.

Ledger marker tombstones

These headstones resemble the ground-level tombstones but are designed to cover the whole grave area rather than the head. You can even combine them with other forms of memorial monuments like block tombstones. The best thing about these tombstones is the fact that they mark the grave for many years and can be customised to suit your style.